Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Judo Chop!(ra), Aneesh Goes After Northam on Guns

Things are heating up in the Dem primary for LG. There is in-fighting in the blue camp over the 2nd Amendment. Specifically this new wave of nastiness is coming over Ralph Northam's more-reasonable-than-your-average-Dem views on gun control in the Commonwealth. Ralph's no friend of gun enthusiasts, make no mistake. Aneesh just happens to be outright in opposition of them.

What could Ralph have done to draw such flak(pun intended)? Northam voted in favor of Virginia's "Castle Doctrine", voted yes on a bill that gives private owners the jump on the government when it comes to gun buy-backs as well. Hardly an NRA warrior. Turns out that this latest political firefight is about Aneesh Chopra's cloudy excuse for a "position" (you'll notice its the shortest statement in Chopra's issues portfolio) on the 2nd Amendment rather than Ralph Northam's more-or-less moderate approach.

Grab your popcorn, people. This Dem cat fight over LG is going to get interesting, and this issue may be the most high-calibre of the campaign(give me a break, the puns practically write themselves in this situation).

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