Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Business Suffocating from Obama Regulations

A new study of American small businesses brings us ominous, if predictable, news. American small business owners are reaching out to make their voices heard finally when it comes to Obama's strangling regulatory ambitions.

The Washington Examiner article detailing the study (commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers) reveals that 55% of small business owners say that they would not have started their business in the economic climate that this President is cultivating today. 

A full 69% of those polled say that the President is to blame for the woes that their businesses are weathering. Even more disconcerting is the 67% majority answer that these business owners gave when asked if they thought that today's economic situation was safe enough to expand or hire workers.

67% answered "no". When the scope of American small business is considered, the reality of that answer is outright frightening; especially to the millions of unemployed Americans that the President seems to think he does not have to answer to.

This poll is not as partisan as some would assume, either. Only 46% of the owners answering these questions identified themselves as Republicans. These are not just Republican worries, these are American realities; and they should concern any American; blue or red.

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