Monday, October 1, 2012

SNL's Obama: A Cute Illustration of an Acute Problem

This past Saturday, the popular skit show Saturday Night Live, long known for their comedy gold during Presidential elections, performed a mock-up rally for Barack Obama (played by Jay Pharoah) in Ohio. The skit was a riot, mainly covering "Barack" trying to defend his handling of the economy.

Confronted with an audience badly hit by the economy, the "President" just could not find a beneficiary of his administration anywhere. Heck, the only excited man at the rally seems to be a drug dealer (played by Bill Hader).

The video is embedded below. 

Without ruining some of the better lines, the writers did strike a chord and, while funny, many of the jabs ring close to the truth. While desperate to scan his "crowd" for someone, anyone, whose job was created during his term, "Barack" stumbles on actor Keenan Thompson playing an Ohioan. Thompson proudly offers that he now "chase[s] raccoons out of foreclosed houses."

Though the skit is funny, unfortunately the jokes pretty much write themselves looking around Obama's America today. Wading through months of the highest unemployment rate in decades, dragging a heavy healthcare bill that we haven't even begun to implement, Obama has a lot to answer to the American people for; and we are not laughing.

Judging by his dismal performance at clipping unemployment, viewers couldn't have been surprised to hear "Barack" share his economic secret... He runs the nation like the movie 6th Sense; "I see employed people"..."One day you'll all be Bruce Willis and realize you were employed the whole time".

Problem is, at the end of this real four year farce, there is no "Applause" button for the real Barack to press.

Have a look; the skit is hilarious.

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