Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tim Kaine's New Ad: Fluffy, and Without Substance

Tim Kaine's campaign has come out with a brand new ad. The 30-second spot shows Kaine reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with a classroom full of school children (interesting since Kaine cut education) and admonishing Virginia to be "indivisible".

Come on. Tim Kaine has been a wholesaler of the DNC's pre-packaged and irresponsible policies, and Blue Virginia has been a wholesaler of Kaine. "Indivisible" is not a word that I would expect either of these hyper-partisans to be too familiar with.

Let's not start a vendetta on teamwork. Working together is never a bad idea in and of itself. But is Tim Kaine (former DNC Chairman, current Obama Campaign talking-head) really the person to be lecturing Virginia about it? Tim Kaine supports Defense cuts that would divide over 200,000 Virginians from their jobs. 

When it comes to Virginia's financial future, look at the record. Tim's crucial 2010-2012 Budget proposal met with an indivisible 97-0 "Nay" in the House of Delegates. If Mr. Kaine is so bi-partisan, then why is there no lack bi-partisan support against him?

VA GOP Caucus

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