Monday, October 22, 2012

Tim Kaine's Tap Dancing "Leadership" Isn't Right for Virginia

The final debate between former Governor George Allen and former Governor Tim Kaine was crucial and telling. One of the starkest contrasts between the two candidates was on the subject of micro-unions. The full question is below, but the responses were more interesting.

"The National Labor Relations Board has recently made several decisions that would allow labor unions to form smaller bargaining units than what was allowed previously.  Do you agree with the NLRB position of allowing these smaller bargaining units, sometimes referred to as ‘micro-unions’?"

Tim Kaine did his usual non-answering dance around the question, because he has not been a friend to Virginia's business community. Kaine does not even get past his generalities until about 30 seconds from the end of this video. From then on he proceeds to take a very hazy stance, if any at all, on the issue of micro-unions or the NLRB. We don't need generalities in the Senate, and we certainly don't need someone who is either confused about what they believe, or is too embarrassed to tell Virginia what those beliefs are.

Governor Allen on the other hand, took a stand in his response. He supports small business and the fact that Virginia is a right-to-work state. He understands what is needed to improve Virginia's and America's small business climate and it is clear from his response that he is interested in doing it the fair way; the Virginia way.  We know that George Allen will stand up to bullying unions and strangling regulations. In the video below, he states his position very clearly and eloquently. That honesty and concern for business may have helped him recently receive the endorsement of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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