Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moran-gate: Defrauding For Dad

While election season is in full swing in the Commonwealth, there are some who would defraud Virginia's voters. Jim Moran's campaign has come under serious scrutiny concerning just such a crime. His own son, Patrick, is seen in the video below explaining in detail how to rig the election for his father.

"This couldn't be," you may say. "Not such a scrutinized individual in such a well-publicized campaign" you may say. There are certainly political jackals waiting in the wings to upset the voting records; but such a blatant attempt by the son of a prominent Democratic Congressman is completely unthinkable, right?

NOPE. Patrick Moran has been caught trying to steal votes for the Democratic side of the aisle by facilitating the "legitimate efforts" of an objective reporter. This is the SON OF AN ELEVEN TERM CONGRESSMAN teaching this videographer how to precisely and thoroughly execute voter fraud. Patrick has worked on many of his father's campaigns by now.

If there were no other evidence of voter fraud in Virginia, that would be one thing. But, the fact is that there have been documented instances of tampering with the polls here in the Commonwealth. This particular piece of evidence comes from Project Veritas.


The fact is proven in the video that there is a real dilemma here in Virginia, a dilemma of Democratic poll tampering. Patrick Moran has very clearly tried to change Virginia's votes. What is to be done? Tampering with polls in Virginia clearly undermines the integrity of our electoral process.

Today's Washington Post even includes a soft, defending article showcasing the loving words of Patrick's uncle Brian Moran, the state Democratic Party chairman.

“Patrick Moran is my nephew and a good kid,” Brian Moran said in a statement. “He has taken responsibility and has stepped down from the Moran campaign. The Democratic Party of Virginia is an organization that stands for free and open participation in our elections and we oppose even the appearance of any effort to undermine those values.”

That does not make it okay. I hope that Senator McEachin has already asked the Attorney General to investigate this. The kind of tactics that these Democratic campaigners are willing to stoop to is clearly unacceptable to Virginia. There is no end to the tactics that such people will go to to win a political race. Have a look at the video below, maybe the facts will crystallize themselves.

Voter fraud is no joking matter. It has been attempted in many states, Virginia included it seems. DO NOT let our electoral process be hijacked by unscrupulous politicians seeking unjust gain ever again. The problem is endemic, the cure is simple. Let us be governed by a fair and integral electoral process, not a politician's son's idea of "fair".

VA GOP Caucus

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