Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's Full Wallet and Empty Speech

Candidate Elizabeth Warren played warm-up for former-President Bill Clinton last night at the DNC. The Massachusetts senatorial hopeful took the stage to an enthusiastic crowd chant reminiscent of a day-time talk show. Her campaign against incumbent Senator Scott Brown has been heavy-hitting on wealthy Americans.

Warren used much of her speech to rail against Wall Street and Mitt Romney; not an unpredictable move, but what the heck. She spoke with fire and verve about stock brokers "Strutting around like we should thank them." and about the idiocy of "risky [Wall St.] bets". She spoke of her closeness with the middle class, and her down home roots.

That may be what she said, but the facts shine a different light on Ms. Warren. The salary from her cushy Harvard job totals $700,000. Though she rails against Wall Street, Warren has a portfolio that totals $8 million. Never mind that she is on the record as saying members of Congress shouldn't own stock.

She must really sympathize with middle class working Americans from the $5 million 
                                                     house that she lives in. 

Elizabeth thinks that the wealthy should pay more taxes, huh? Then why did she not choose the Massachusetts higher tax rate this year for people in her (not so middle class) tax bracket?

Ms. Warren, when you are given the choice to pay more taxes, after publicly and loudly and often railing against millionaires just like you, why not do it?

Last night, Warren ended her speech with the phrase "We are all called to act". Does that not include her?

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