Monday, April 15, 2013

Here's The Obamas' "Fair Share"

If Warren Buffet's secretary was annoyed at paying a higher tax rate than her boss before, she may well have an aneurysm about the President today. Obama's crusade against tax loopholes and for the "wealthy to pay their share" has taken an interesting turn as we come to find out that his effective tax rate is near the poverty level, despite living in the most famous address in the world.

At 18.4%, after an election that centered on fiery criticism for Mitt Romney paying "less than his fair share", Barack Obama's tax rate is a shameful reminder of his hypocrisy. Hope and change are taking a back seat to tax breaks, people, and no one is surprised.

This was a central point in his campaign to smear Romney for paying exactly what the tax code called for; an illogical attack strategy at best, but now completely moot thanks to the public knowledge that Obama, like Romney, looks for ways to pay the least in taxes.

In fact, the American people spoke in the recent Washington Post poll that they agree with paying the least possible in taxes. 85% agreed that they would do whatever they could to pay the lowest tax rate possible. So after slamming Mitt Romney again and again, the public and President Obama now agree with him.

So we come to find out that all of that rhetoric last year was simply lip service to Obama's rabid base? Not shocking. We find that Obama, while slamming others, ends up paying a tax rate reserved for incomes  below the poverty line? Just one more example of Saint Barack skirting around his own message to get by.

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