Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Blow $332 Million


The Affordable Care Act comes into full effect this year, and lawmakers are already trying to scramble up the Hamburger Hill of fines, red tape, and the ENORMOUS, ABSURD cost of implementing this boondoggle of a bill.

Recently, President Obama's new Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough had to lay down under the bus tires and try to breed some support for his bill not to Republicans, but to Senators in Obama's own party. Even these Democratic Senators had grave concerns for implementing the ACA.
Obama has already raided 332 Million dollars from the Public Health and Prevention Fund simply for publicizing state healthcare exchanges. In perspective, that is enough money to train over 2,000 United States Marines. That, only to show people what kind of disruption, cost, and hardship that this 1,500 page money-sponge is going to put them through...

Hope and Change don't figure too highly in the bill's language surprisingly.

Struggling to reconcile business to the big picture (read: government) picture, insurance companies and small businesses alike are already raising costs and cutting hours to get out of the ACA's metaphorical way. According to CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, premiums for small business insurance plans are expected to rise 15%, which is even less than individual policies stand to increase, which is 25% simply and solely to comply with the law.

In strategy sessions at businesses all over America, owners, operators, and managers are already asking about the definition of "full time". Obamacare is forcing businesses to cut hours, just so that they can continue to pay their employees. As this year progresses, and Americans see more and more of Obamacare's cost, not only in dollars but hours and disclosure compliance, I expect the American populace to be...slightly upset.

It isn't enough that doctors don't like it, it isn't enough that businesses don't like it, it isn't enough that when the American middle class sees what they will be wading through in the name of Obamacare they won't like it.

When do we say "Enough"?

VA GOP Caucus

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