Thursday, April 4, 2013

Protecting Pedophiles?

This was no headline gimmick to draw you in. California Representative Jackie Speier wants to bring one of California's sexual orientation laws to the federal level. This bill would sanction any counselor trying to change the sexual orientation of a patient. That, in itself, is nothing to write home about.

But the bill protects pedophilia as a sexual orientation. That, folks, is (as Bearing Drift's Shaun Kenney put it) outrageous. There have been bills with strange language in them before, that got worked out in the legislative process, sure. But when Republicans attempted to amend the bill so that sexual predators did not get a federal protection...Dems defeated the amendment! THIS READS LIKE SATIRE. Rep. Alcee Hastings (of bribery fame), a Democrat of Florida, struck down the proposed changes, stating that all alternative sexual lifestyles should be embraced.

Congressman Hastings, Congresswoman are wrong. On this subject you are categorically wrong, your bill would endanger children everywhere, and the very idea that a pedophile can receive federal protection is sickening. The idiocy of Congressional Democrats has crossed into the realm of unconscionable.

If you think that this problem is only federal, look at Blue Virginia's fiery, albeit cartoonishly partisan, article defaming Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for challenging a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision protecting....a 47 year old man soliciting oral sex from a 17 year old girl. Folks, there is no excuse to legally protect pedophiles; and it should not have come to this before someone said so.

Lowell Feld has put his chips on the table with these Congressional Dems. Left-wing progressive extremism is no new thing to the Commonwealth but I had no idea that the left was desperate enough to attack Ken Cuccinelli that they are willing to cozy up to the "alternative lifestyle" of child molesters. This kind of weaponized progressivism has got no place in Virginia. If protecting the safety of our children, and locking up those who would harm them is what constitutes an "Extreme Social Agenda" on the right, then what do we call this dangerous idea on the left?

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