Monday, February 4, 2008

Democrat Delegate Calls Democrat Leader “Mean-Spirited”

On Friday, Democrat Del. Mark Sickles spoke on the floor of the House in opposition to HB 14, sponsored by Del. Chris Peace. The bill prohibits illegal aliens from attending Virginia colleges. In his speech, Del. Sickles stated that the bill’s proponents were “mean spirited,” (see video below.)

Today, the bill passed the House 73-26. According to Sickles, we’ve got 73 mean-spirited legislators, and guess who’s among them? House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong, along with 14 other members of the Democratic caucus.

There were also quite a few .... how do you say .... "sweet spirited"??? individuals who think that legal Virginia students should have to wait in line behind ILLEGAL immigrants in order to attend in-state, taxpayer funded, colleges and universities. This list includes the Minority Caucus Chairman Brian Moran and 25 other colleagues of his.

Del. Armstrong better reign in his Democratic colleagues; this is not a good way to build a Democratic majority. A caucus cannot function when a member of that caucus calls one third of its membership “mean-spirited.” To see a full list of the split Democratic Caucus click here.

Republicans, on the other hand, don’t have the problem the D’s do. They were unanimous in support of the bill because it is the right thing for Virginians. This is yet another victory for the House Republicans, and more importantly, another victory for the people of the Commonwealth.

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Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer and fan of the rule of law, I support this bill too. Thanks to all that voted to pass it.

Reid Greenmun
Virginia Beach Taxpayer's Alliance