Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Senate Dems: Tax & Spend as Usual

Now that we’ve seen the Governor's budget and the House Republicans’ as well, we turn to the most absurd plan of all. That would, of course, be that of the Senate Democrats.

Sadly, there isn’t much to discuss at all. Basically, the Senate Dems copied Gov. Kaine’s budget and added their own special touch: a five cent gas tax increase. (The tax would be implemented at one cent per year over five years.) We’re sure this was spearheaded by everyone’s favorite Senator, Richard Saslaw. He probably assumed everyone outside of NOVA still rode horses instead of cars, so why would they care, right?

Saslaw and the Senate D’s have a foolish financial philosophy: if the government runs short on cash, no problem. They’ll simply take it from Virginia taxpayers.

Thankfully, Senate Republicans Norment, Stolle, Stosch, and Wampler voted against the Dem's gas tax increase. Good for them. The four also voted against the Democratic budget, along with Senators Hanger, Quayle and Watkins.

On one side of the budget fight, Dems from every corner of Richmond are standing up for the interests of big government. On the other side, Republicans are standing up for the citizens of the Commonwealth. Business as usual at the state capitol.

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