Thursday, February 7, 2008

Democrat Del. Jim Scott Compares Sex Show to Civil Rights Movement

We wish we were kidding. This morning, members of the House Privileges and Elections committee questioned members of the College of William & Mary’s Board of Visitors (BoV). The BoV is responsible for, among other things, deciding whether or not to re-appoint President Gene Nichol. Nichol, as we discussed in Tuesday’s post, is an embarrassment to his college and his state. The BoV heard from many Republican Delegates that Nichol should not be re-appointed.

However, Delegate Jim Scott (D-Merrifield) chose instead to defend the recent Sex Workers’ Art Show that was allowed on campus at William & Mary. In the video below, Del. Scott compares the sex show to the civil rights movement, arguing the two events are no different; that in fact, just as resistance to the civil rights movement was wrong, so in Democratic Delegate Jim Scott's mind it is wrong to oppose these sex shows. Truly unbelievable:

Del. Scott should apologize to anyone who participated in the civil rights movement. To compare the sex show, which encourages illegal and illicit behavior, with the noble efforts of the civil rights movement, is a travesty.

Here’s the bottom line: President Nichol removed the Wren Cross, he said, because it offended too many people. Fine. So why host the sex show two years in a row? It’s offensive, too, but apparently those offended can’t get Nichol’s or Scott’s attention.


George said...

If Democrat Del. Scott is so committed to the civil rights of sex workers, I suggest he do something to express himself in a more meaningful way. Perhaps Del. Scott could propose legislation to create a new school at W & M, like the School of Sex and Massage Workers. Imagine classes like Street Walking in Stilettos 101, then move on to Pasties and Thongs for Public Display 201, and for upper classmen, Packing Speedos for Fun and Display 301, and finally to graduate, How to get Paid from the PIMP 401 .... with special guest lecturers President Nichol and Del. Scott. After all we are talking about Civil Rights.

Anonymous said...

Gene Nichol didn't control the appropriation of student funds for that event, the student government at William & Mary did.

However, you big government, education micro-managing Republican legislators didn't take the time to observe that did you?