Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Democrat Del. Nichols Insults Virginia's Senior Citizens

Okay, we all know freshman Delegates make simple mistakes sometimes, and we usually give them a pass. But when first time Democratic Del. Paul Nichols took the floor on Monday, he not only made a mistake, he insulted every Virginian over the age of sixty by saying things like “they have lost their desire to work hard,” and that they “have an attitude.”

Let me set the stage for the video of Nichols’ speech. He is speaking in opposition to Del. Terry Kilgore’s HB 783, which would raise the retirement age of judges from 70 to 73. Apparently, Del. Nichols has no use for judges, or people for that matter, once they hit sixty. See for yourself:

I wonder what Del. Nichols thinks of all the members of the House of Delegates over the age of sixty? Does he think his colleagues in the House, including those in his own party, “tend to pass their work” onto other people, or “that they really don’t care?”

Perhaps Del. Nichols should be reminded that when the Speaker recognizes him as “the gentleman from Prince William,” he should put his insults aside and at least try to live up to his title.


Isophorone said...

People over 60 are also a disproportionate share of the voters, particularly in off-year primary and general elections. Mr. Nichols, take heed!

Anonymous said...

Do you care that Paul Nichols is not from Charlottesville and does not represent the 57th District?