Friday, April 4, 2008

Kaine's State Wide Tax Proposal Receives "NO COMMENT" From Democratic House Leaders

As Governor Tim Kaine announced his request of a statewide tax increase – which almost doubles the gas tax -  here are quotes from his own Democrat House Members showing either their underwhelming support for doubling the gas tax or their fear of telling the voters that they support doubling the gas tax:

Del. Brian Moran - Democrat Caucus Leader and Candidate for Governor
“Del. Brian J. Moran (D-Alexandria) said House Democrats are "assessing the need and evaluating the options."
Wash Post 4/3

Delegate Ward Armstrong - Democrat Minority Leader.
"I'm not the one that says, 'Not no, but hell no,' on all of this stuff," Armstrong said. "I'm convinced that we need additional revenue in order to support new construction. Just how we do it -- I'm not committed to a particular plan or proposal yet."
Roanoke Times  4/3

The way I see it, these guys are chicken.  They talk quite a big game, but do Ward Armstrong's constituents support a 15 cent gas tax increase when their “rush hour” traffic is non existent? 

Does Brian Moran think he can win a Governor's race with a 15 cent gas tax increase on his brochure?

Which one is it Gentlemen?  Do you support a gas tax increase or other statewide tax increase?  If you do, then stand up like a man and tell us your position.  If you don't, then tell the Governor to drop his proposal for a statewide tax increase.


Anonymous said...

Who ever writes this blog must be from either Northern Virginia or Hampton Roads...

Redistricting is on the way and if either party thinks that southside and southwest legislators will agree to regional plans without a statewide solution is fooling themselves.

Ill agree with you that the GOP Leadership is against tax increases, but how certain are you of the caucus?

Repeat 04? We'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The Dems control the Governor's Mansion and the Senate. If they want to be leaders, then they need to stand up and tell Virginia what their plan is.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea that I've never heard proposed before. Let's allow NOVA and Hampton Roads and any other jurisdiction that so desires to increase the gasoline tax on a LOCAL basis and apply said increase to their particular needs. Why should I, a resident of the southwest area, have to pay for road construction and improvements 400 miles away that I might benefit from once every two years?

Anonymous said...

Because the money that pays for your schools and public safety is bank rolled by the tax payers of Northern Virginia... its the least you could do.