Monday, October 24, 2011

VA FREE, Irrelevant...

Was the worst thing VA FREE could have done was to have upset the Virginia House Republican Caucus? No.

It was be to become irrelevant to the Virginia House Republican (MAJORITY) Caucus

The Virginia House Republican Caucus is going to become a more BRUISING majority on November 8th and Jeff Schapiro nails that point in his Richmond Times-Dispatch article posted yesterday.

Read entire article HERE.

VA GOP Caucus

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Verdad said...

It isn't irrelevant if you're still talking about it.

If Republicans, the party of business, want to be petty and stupid and bite the hands that feed them....then they'll play right into the hands of the Democrats! They ought to remember the arrogance that toppled an otherwise great public servant, George Allen. Quit acting pompous and childish and let's get some things done!!