Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where Have All The Democrats Gone??

Below is a video from yesterdays Criminal Law Subcommittee ...

As you can see, all of the democrats except Delegate Shannon Valentine, were suprisingly absent. Do the democrats really think that little of Virginia's Criminal Law issues?? I thought the citizens of Virginia sent legislators down to Richmond to cast votes ???

Evidently they were playing a game of "Follow the Leadership" with Del. Ward Armstrong and Del. Brian Moran who were out playing "hooky"


Crystal Clear Conservative said...

When we send elected officials to Richmond, we expect them to serve our communities well. I am thankful that I have great representation in Richmond. I have linked to your blog, because I look forward to reading more about what is occuring in General Assembly.

Anonymous said...

It was brilliant strategy from the democrats - leave someone from far left field who is completely out of her depth to ask confusing and bizarre questions to rattle the ones doing the work. Plus the dems won't be embarrassed and have to explain so much to her, let the Republicans do it. She is a democrat anchor.