Monday, March 3, 2008

Delegate Peace Sets The Record Straight On Education Funding!

In Sunday's Richmond Times-Dispatch, Delegate Peace had a sensational column citing the House Budget and its funding for K-12 Education. He identifies numerous differences between the House Budget and the Education Funding shortages that seem to be the theme of the Senate and Governor's budgets.

Delegate Peace cites the following differences:

1. The House budget gives teachers a raise in the first year (2008), unlike the Senate or Governors budget.

2. The House budget protects and invests more money in school construction and puts a greater amount of funding into classrooms and K-12 education than the Senate or Governor's budget.

3. The House budget increases funding for K-12 by more than $1 billion--that is $68 million more than the Senate and $193 million more than the Governor proposes.

4. The House budget increases school construction grants by $70 million, while the Governor's budget cuts the same grants by $220 million.

Even with MORE OVERALL FUNDING than both the Senate and Governor's budget proposals, the Democrats are still claiming that House Republicans are cutting education funding!!

Sounds to me like Delegate Peace needs to give the Democratic Caucus some basic arithmetic lessons...

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