Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Ward Armstrong in Bed with the AFL-CIO?

According to his actions in the General Assembly last session, one might easily draw this conclusion, especially after refusing to cast a single yea or nay vote for a bill (H.B. 852, patroned by Del. Adam Ebbin) that would have granted state and local government employees to bargain with a union.  This would effectively have obliterated Virginia’s status as a Right to Work state.

The Democrats won’t vote yea or nay, even when they received 100% support from the Virginia AFL-CIO (Source:  VPAP).   In fact, I bet the AFL-CIO was real glad to see the Democrats not taking a concrete stand for the bill.  So, I wonder if the AFL-CIO will continue contributing to Ward and the Democrats…crickets are chirping.

In case you are wondering, Ward Armstrong received $1,000 from the Virginia AFL-CIO coffers (Source:  VPAP).   What do they think of Ward now?  I bet they are like jilted lovers.

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