Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mcdonnell Ahead By One Point in Recent Poll

MCDONNELL 45 Deeds 44

Although Mcdonnell is only leading by one point in this recent poll, the GOP candidate is still ahead of Deeds with some margin in the very favorable and favorable categories in the poll, Mcdonnell even pulled ahead of President Obama by a point in the favorable caterory. However in this first post primary poll it seems that Mcdonnell will need to capture Northern Virginia to ensure victory. Deeds outscored Mcdonnell by 42 points, when it comes to NOVA voters. Yet there is still plenty of hope for our candidate. Mcdonnell seems to attract more Democrat voters, with 17 points, (and this poll did have more registered Democrats responding) ahead 18 points with the rest of the state, and is soaring ahead Deeds in whites ages 45 on up. The road to Richmond is still far in the distance and things are looking positive for Mcdonnell as he enters the summer.
For more information on the results of the poll check out the link below

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