Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaker Howell Announces $35,448 in Savings

Latest Savings by House on top of $1.1 Million to be Returned in Current Fiscal Year

From Speaker Howell’s Press Release.

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) today announced that the House of Delegates has returned $35,448 to the state treasury for Fiscal Year 2010 ending June 30 as a result of salary reductions for delegates, legislative assistants and House staff from a one-day furlough on May 28, 2010. House Bill 29, the Appropriations Act for the biennium that ends on June 30, 2010, contained a provision requiring a one-day furlough for all state employees. The $35,448 in savings announced today by Speaker Howell are in addition to not only the $1.1 million to be returned by the House to the General Fund by June 30, 2010, but also another $1.0 million to be returned by the House to the General Fund by the end of Fiscal Year 2012.

“Virginia taxpayers, families and businesses continue struggling to make ends meet and balance their finances due to the stubborn and lingering effects of the economic recession and, therefore, it is completely appropriate that members of the House of Delegates share in necessary belt tightening to reduce state spending,” said Speaker Howell.

This year, beyond the $1.1 million to be returned to the General Fund by the end of next month, the House saved $341,600 by keeping the Session expense rate at $135 for delegates instead of the IRS-authorized rate of $191. The House also saved another $94,300 by reducing temporary personnel hired during Session.

The House of Delegates once again understands what the Commonwealth needs to survive this economic climate. The House Republican leadership is a common sense solution for Virginia, compared to the Democrat-controlled Senate, who wanted to get paid for an extra day of work in the last day of session.

Kudos to the House of Delegates for fiscal solution to the budget deficit

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