Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Gerry, Where's the Poll?

Poll's are always a fascinating thing. The Keith Fimian campaign released a poll in the Spring showing Fimian beating Gerry Connolly 40%-35% among likely voters, and more importantly 43% to 28% among independents. Two years ago, Connolly released a poll done in mid-July showing him beating Fimian. But where is his poll now? According to FEC reports, Connolly paid the same pollster he used two years ago $21, 105 on May 4, 2010 for a poll. Where are these results? They are nowhere to be found. Obviously, like the Fimian campaign's poll, Connolly's own poll shows him losing or else he would have released the results.

Want more proof? Connolly has been reinventing himself, saying he opposes the Pelosi agenda that he voted for 97% of the time. He also keeps complaining about having to take tough votes supporting President Obama's policies. Lastly, we now see Connolly showing up on the campaign trail. All further proof that Connolly is losing in his own polls.

Combine Connolly's bad internal poll numbers with the growing disapproval of the Democrat's in Congress, and you can see why voters have grown severely disenchanted with Connolly's mismanagement of the economy, reckless spending and mountains of borrowing.

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