Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia’s Lessons for America: Speaker Howell on WRVA

Earlier today Speaker Bill Howell was on WRVA's Jimmy Barrett Show with special guest host Congressman Randy Forbes. They discussed Virginia's budget and the lessons Washington can (and more importantly SHOULD) learn from the way our state went from a $4.2 Billion deficit under Governor Kaine's administration to a balanced budget.

Since President Obama and his fellow Democrats do not seem to grasp the obvious I will outline a few things that they should take away from this interview....

  1. Tax Cuts are more stimulative than SPENDING!
  2. In a recession, it is vital to promote a pro-business climate rather than strap them down with more regulation and tax hikes!
  3. We must foster the growth of the job makers in this economy and live within our fiscal means as a country.
Instead of Washington continuing to promote the FAILING policies of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi ... they might want to take a page out of Governor McDonnell and the Virginia House of Delegates playbook to get this country back on the right track.

Click HERE to listen to Speaker Bill Howell's interview...

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