Thursday, August 26, 2010

Republican Jewish Coalition and Gerry Connolly

I wanted to bring your attention to an article on the Republican Jewish Coalition website. It is an interesting article that outlines the importance of the 11th District Congressional race between incumbent Gerry Connolly and Keith Fimian.

This race is not only important for Virginia, but for the entire country. Connolly is clearly nervous, and is trying to cover up his liberal views and track record in order to attract moderate voters. As this article points out, this tactic will not work for Connolly. Keith Fimian is the right man for the job, and will be a strong voice for Republican Virginians.

Please follow the following this link to read the entire article.

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Anonymous said...

Have the voters finally caught on to the typical tactics of Dems? Campaign as a fiscal conservative, govern as a ruling elite
Earl T of VBeach