Friday, November 5, 2010

Tim Kaine Out as Chairman of the DNC?

Looks like Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee may be on his way out. Rumors have been swirling around that Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs might take over the position.

I wonder why these rumors have come up. Maybe it’s because nationally Republicans have picked up 61+ seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Or even worse, that Kaine’s home state of Virginia went from having six Democrats in the U.S. House, to now having only three or two. Kaine says…

“My goal is to do what the President wants me to do…I want to do what I can to be most valuable...I’m kind of willing to let him [Obama], and the team, decide what is my highest and best use”

Maybe Obama and his team have decided that you have no use. 


Anonymous said...

Please, please make Robert Gibbs the DNC chairman. Tim Kaine is not doing anything for the Democratic party. They let the Republicans take over with a few simple words, 'THE PEOPLE WANTED THIS, or 'THE PEOPLE DIDN'T WANT THAT.' 'THE PEOPLE' are not going to the websites to read about all the good things the president has done since in office. It's time for the Democratic party to go behind closed doors and come up with a plan to win in 2012. This is what the Republicans did. It's time to beat the Republicans at their own game and let 'THE PEOPLE' know what has taken place in the last two years. It needs to be SPOKEN over and over again what the policies passed and stimulus pack have done for 'THE PEOPLE.' All 'THE PEOPLE' need is a simplistic message to be heard over and over again for the next two years. Forget about sending people on line to read. 'THE PEOPLE' ain't going to do it. Even if 'THE PEOPLE' did go online to read the policies and everything that passed to benefit them, we might or probably have difficult following it or understanding. You must realize that most of 'THE PEOPLE' are not intellectuals and are not as smart as the people in congress and the ones in politics. However, 'THE PEOPLE' will understand a simple message they can connect with. The Republicans seem to get that, but not the Democrats. Come up with a plan now to win in 2012.

dwilson1707 said...

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