Friday, June 3, 2011

Ward Armstong Plans on Spending All of the Democratic Caucus Dollars on ... HIMSELF

Bad news for Minority Leader Ward Armstrong coming out of Southside Virginia...

Delegate Charles Poindexter formally announced his intentions defeat Delegate Armstrong in a campaign press release yesterday afternoon.  Delegate Armstrong is planning on moving from his home, currently located in the 16th House District, into Delegate Poindexter's 9th House District to challenge him for the seat.  Since being elected in 2008, Poindexter has been a tireless advocate for Southside Virginia.  He is a conservative leader with an accomplished track record.  It sure will be fun to watch as Poindexter dismantles the soon to be Former Minority Leader Ward Armstrong.

This is a bold move for Delegate Armstrong.  Not very smart or well thought out, but bold.

One would think the leader of the Democratic Caucus would find better things to do with Caucus money that spend it all on HIMSELF.  I would hate to be a House Democrat incumbent with a race this election season ...

Poindexter Welcomes Ward Armstrong into the 9th Legislative District Race

GLADE HILL, VA – In a statement released today, Delegate Charles Poindexter (R-9th), reaffirmed his candidacy for the House of Delegates from the 9th legislative district and commented about Delegate Ward Armstrong’s announced entry into the race.
   “I am running for re-election to the House of Delegates,” said Poindexter.  “I have no political ambitions beyond always doing my best to represent the people of Franklin, Patrick and Henry Counties in the Virginia General Assembly.”
   Ward Armstrong, who currently represents the 10th legislative district, has declared his intention to switch districts and run in the 9th.
   “State law requires that you must live in the district you represent, so Ward will have to move into the 9th district to run against me,” Poindexter said.  “We welcome newcomers to the district.”
   Because of population growth in Northern Virginia, Southside Virginia lost a seat in the General Assembly.  As a result of redistricting, Armstrong’s  residence is now in the 16th district, represented by Delegate Don Merricks.
   “No politician can reserve a seat in the House of Delegates,” said Poindexter.  “Voters determine who represents them.  Ninth District citizens know they can count on me to continue to stand firm and fight for Virginia’s rural and small town conservative values and lifestyles,” Poindexter said.
   Poindexter is a native of Franklin County who farms his own land, as well as family land settled by his Poindexter ancestors in 1792.  He is a former Information Technology (IT) executive in the Department of Defense industry. He served two terms on the Franklin County Board of Supervisors prior to his election to the House of Delegates in 2007.
   “I am proud of my voting record and the work I perform on behalf of our citizens in the House of Delegates. I look forward to discussing issues during the campaign.” 
   In the House, Poindexter serves on the Appropriations Committee,  the Agriculture and Natural Resources and Chesapeake Committee, and the Cities, Towns, and Counties Committee. He is vice-chairman of the State Energy and Environment Commission and serves on the Board of Directors for the Roanoke Higher Education Authority and the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.
   Poindexter is an active member of Crafts United Methodist Church, where he sings in the choir and is chairman of the Board of Trustees. He and  his wife, Janet, have six adult children and ten grandchildren. They live at Smith Mountain Lake in Glade Hill near the original Poindexter homeplace.

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Ward Armstrong Had His Chance
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