Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dulles Rail Doesn't Need More Virginia Money

Delegate Tim Hugo's Op Ed for the Washington Examiner explains why Virginia taxpayers should oppose an additional $300 million to the MWAA.

It is time to hold MWAA accountable to Virginian taxpayers, and it is time for transparency when it comes to the Dulles Rail Project. A recent Washington Examiner article details the findings from federal investigators of MWAA's books. Here are just a few examples of how MWAA is spending Virginia's money, you can read the full article HERE.

  • Not one but two $120 bottles of wine, along with a $9,200 last minute ticket to Prague
  • $5,000 for three Hawaiian dinners
  • They awarded $6 Million in NO BID contracts, ignoring Virginia's competition-friendly stance on labor.
  • Their books are not even clear enough to IDENTIFY all of the potential conflicts of interest involved in their closed door sessions, which they were also cited for.
  • Even their session on "enhancing transparency" was CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC? That reads like a bad joke, but it is happening..
Former  Governor Tim Kaine should have never handed over the lucrative Dulles Toll Road (estimated value $3.5 Billion) without any legislative oversight whatsoever. Back in 2006, Kaine just GAVE IT AWAY.

The House of Delegates tried to stop the giveaway and propose participation by Virginia legislators in this process, but their attempts died in the Senate. Now some of the same senators that killed that legislation are asking for more money? Come on.

Click the link HERE to have a look at the full article by Delegate Hugo

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