Monday, May 21, 2012

Tim Kaine Locks his Lips and turns a Deaf Ear to Virginia Workers

If you are one of the 96% of Virginia workers who choose not to join a union, you should keep an eye on tightlipped Tim Kaine.

 Kaine's starry eyed support of Obama was on display AGAIN at a recent Obama speech at the AFL CIO.

President Obama even promised future support of unions, trampling our own right-to-work positions here in the Commonwealth. He even referenced "(his) friend Tim" as a pro-unioner as well. That was on April 30.

Kaine, sitting on the proverbial fencepost, has not responded at all to questions about whether he does or doesn't support the President when it comes to unions. It's a simple question; why not answer?

You can read the full article by Delegate Comstock HERE

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