Monday, June 4, 2012

Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney Neck and Neck in Virginia

While the Rasmussen Poll HERE , conducted on June 3, puts Barack Obama at even odds with Mitt Romney. Shouldn't the incumbent have the advantage here? After all, Obama won Virginia in 2008 by a full 6 percentage points. Things have changed since then, it seems.

Since April, Romney has picked up an extra 2% in the Old Dominion. In this new poll, Romney picked up a solid 47%, matching the President punch for punch. Certainly no slouch, especially for a challenger.

This time around Virginia is a key battleground state, and Obama is finding out that voters are more and more willing to put some new talent in the White House.

Perhaps Blue just doesn't suit hardworking Virginians. In November, Mr. Obama may be seeing Red below the Beltway.

VA GOP Caucus