Thursday, January 17, 2013

Virginia's Most Pressing Need

Earlier today, Delegate Brenda Pogge gave a speech on the House floor outlining key components of Governor McDonnell's transportation plan.

She explains how this is the year and the bill to solve Virginia's most pressing need - transportation.

Full speech is below.


Joseph Oddo said...

contact: Denny McKell 703-338-0200

Independent Green Party leaders are very serious about Bill Bolling as their Independent Green Party candidate for Governor. Led by the Indy Green Party state Vice Chair, Gail “for Rail” Parker, and Denny McKell (Gail “for Rail” and McKell are both U.S. Air Force retirees), the Indy Greens have established a political action committee (PAC). Now the Independent Green Party team has a Draft Bill Bolling web site:

An alliance between Bill Bolling and the Independent Greens makes sense. The Indy Green Party has a proven record of collecting thousands of petition signatures across Virginia every year. Bolling will need 10,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot. That means Indy Greens would need to collect 20,000 signatures for Bolling. Some Independent Greens started collecting signatures in January.

The Independent Green Party group has released a series of video press releases urging Bill Bolling to run for Governor as Independent Green Party candidate. Denny McKell is a retired TV and radio producer, and newsman. McKell produced the video press releases for his Independent Green Party.

"We need 'More Trains, Less Traffic!" says Gail “for Rail” Parker, the retired U.S. Air Force officer and former two-time statewide on-the-ballot candidate for US Senate (2006 & 2008).

"An alliance with the Independent Green Party of Virginia and Bill Bolling as our Indy Green candidate for Governor can provide positive pro-business, and pro-rail policy to grow the economy and create sustainable rail, solar, wind, and geothermal energy jobs." Gail “for Rail” Parker has been on the ballot as an Indy Green Party rail advocate for each of the last 8 years. The Independent Greens are Virginia's most successful on ballot third party in Virginia in a century.

The Independent Green Party is recruiting candidates for House of Delegates across Virginia. Indy Greens hope to run a full slate of 100 House of Delegates candidates this year.

Independent Green Party Draft Bolling video.

Indy Greens want Bill Bolling.

Bolling and More Trains, Less Traffic.

See Denny McKell urge Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to join Independent Green Party on You Tube.

Indy Green Bolling Draft committee Spokesperson Denny McKell, , 703-351-1235.

Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Green Party of Virginia state Vice Chair and Committee Director.
703-960-5602, or 571-282-8381.

Constitutional.Reset said...

Dear Hon. Governor Bob McDonnell:
Governor Bob McDonnell, You do not have authority to adulterate our laws by signing unconstitutional legislation.
You inhabit your office under an oath of trust.
If you so adulterate our law by authorizing the unconstitutional HB2313 to appear as the law of Virginia
you will be knowingly and willingly perpetrating VA18.2-111 felony and will be publicly witnessed as "Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority" which is the perpetration of VA18.2-481(5) statutory treason.
Because others have gotten away with the same felony that does not lessen your intended felony one bit.
You need to change your intent and VETO HB2313.

The fact that officials have called HB2313 "the transportation bill" or "Historic Transportation Legislation" is prima facie evidence that HB2313 is unconstitutional under
"Constitution of Virginia Article IV Section 12. Form of laws. No law shall embrace more than one object, which shall be expressed in its title" . . .
The obvious length and fraud supporting complexity of HB2313 confirms that it is a clearly in violation.
shows that HB2313 also unconstitutionally violates Article X Sections 1 & 4.

Constitutional.Reset said...

Of Local Interest & Action were HB2313 present opportunity: