Friday, July 26, 2013

McClellan and Herring Suddenly Silent

In an election that is about jobs, and the economy, Democrats realize that their record leaves a lot to be desired. So, they go back to the same old well with the same old talking points about the "War on Women". Well what do Virginia's own Woman Warriors think when their colleagues get caught , harrassing, whoring, or otherwise disrespecting women? The simple answer is that we don't know. They have maintained silence. Do Delegates McClellan and Herring think that sexual harrasment is wrong only when Republicans do it? 

Democratic Party officials have(now) called for the resignation of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner after he was outed for sexually harrassing seven women, all of whom brought the story to light on national television. Del.'s Herring McClellan have been notably silent on this. 

 Bob is not the only example, either, by a long-shot. How about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer or Anthony Weiner? (Still can't get over that name). Weiner is right now embroiled in a sexting scandal, and boldly refusing to drop out of his race for New York Mayor. The 45 year old politico was caught sending the pics of the full package to a 23 year old woman from Indiana. Spitzer is trying to revive his political career as well, running for New York's comptroller after the devastating prostitution scandal that he went through just a few years ago. Do these chauvinists get a free pass because they vote blue? Where is the righteous condemnation now? 

Delegates Herring and McClellan, I look forward to hearing from you about this in the upcoming legislative session. The war on hypocritical talking points is on. 

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