Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Blow to Obamacare by Obamacare

Today, a ruling came down from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals that condemns Obamacare subsidies to states that do not have their own health exchanges, which constitutes the vast majority. These subsidies were originally Obamacare's "big stick" that would be used to "motivate" states to set up their own exchanges  rather than falling back on Healthcare.gov.

And why wouldn't they, when Arkansas and Indiana are having such an easy time of it, right?

Please; both the "private option", and state exchanges are turning into fiscal and political anchors for those who are implementing them. And where do the huddled masses turn? Healthcare.gov. Because, unlike the states, when Obama saw the boondoggle that was the federal website, he decided to keep digging until he saw daylight.

President Obama, when he first sold these state exchanges to loyalist Dem governors, knew that he was placing an anvil of debt on the reluctant backs of these states. Now, when they shake them off, dependence on the Federal exchange is nearly ubiquitous; leading us farther and farther down the road to ruin. That is how these cases got to court. But the provisions of the law are clear; the subsidies are meant to go to state exchanges.

I guess it's just no one's fault that barely any states can afford to keep them open?

VA GOP Caucus


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