Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Silence is Deafening

“I never could have envisioned ... the absolute, I thought, despicable moves by a former Democratic senator, Phil Puckett, who resigned,”
-Governor Terry McAuliffe

"Virginians deserve leaders who will fight for what's best for their constituents, not those who are spending their time concocting backroom deals and cover-ups"

-Democratic Party of Virginia

"It's astounding to me...They figure the only way they could win was to give a job to a state senator."
-Delegate Scott Surovell

Where is the outrage now? Where are the calls for resignation now? Where is the federal investigation now? Clearly, the only "ethics" Dems really care about are winning and the party line. 


Constitutional.Reset said...

Virginia's ethics statutes are plenty strong.
Our problem is not with our statutes.

In VA, under VA18.2-111, when a person receives a gift or ANYTHING from someone other than their employer that they received by virtue of their holding an office belonging to their employer then that thing received belongs to their office not to their person, If the receiver converts the 'gift' to their personal property then they have, according to VA statute, perpetrated embezzlement and larceny. Custom does not make it less of a felony - Regarding criminal intent: Bob McDonnell knew the law and knew that he was deemed to know the law by the law - as are ALL officers or the VA Supreme Court (i.e. lawyers). 'Esquire' Bob McDonnell's conclusively evidenced in public record root felony is a presumption that he is so important that "Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority" [VA18.2-481(5) Statutory Treason] is his prerogative and is the prerogative of all people of his 'noble' class.

The problem is that Virginia's Judges & Commonwealth Attorneys have made grand juries ineffective contrary to duly authorized law. No complaint of criminal conduct can be brought to a grand jury by any just MERE citizen. That raises the in-crowd above the reach of the law. And it turns YOU into a mere chattle ruled by the 'Uniform Commercial Code' and mere presumption when ever it is convenient. Each and every one of them compound their individual legion of crimes with Va18.2-111 "Embezzlement" off the law and VA18.2-482 "Misprision of Treason" such that they become accessories before-the-fact participants in each such cluster of felonies perpetrated by ANY member of their guild.

There is no statute of limitations or bound of Constitutional official office to shield them from the truth and there eventual prosecution and conviction. That our temporal grand juries are unlawfully and criminally made ineffective in raising these prosecutions makes no difference.

Each of their unavoidable deaths will not even save them from prosecution.

As each of their corporeal articles of incorporation fails along with the delegation of authority, freedom-of-action and privacy-autonomy derived from their incorporation the fullness-of-truth will naturally engulf each of them as it will each of all of us.
When all that they ever did or thought their person to be returns to " ALL that ever was" they each will not be equipped to experience the "fullness of truth" as the 'Glory of God" so they will by default experience it as the "Fires of Hell".
Each of them will have their legion of felonies "tested as with fire" even if if they ultimately rely upon their relationship with Jesus to save their souls from self chosen extinction.
The portion related to actions rather than soul cannot escape what portion of redemption God has delegated to the people of a state and that the people in turn have delegated to "the office of the Governor".
If a state Governor ignores the weight of that authority AND the duty incumbent to it then that Governor and the peoples'crimes that would best have been handled with pardon will be subject to the "Fires of Hell". I offer Bob McDonnell as a prime example.

The whole batch of waste and suffering could have been minimized so beautifully with pardon under the virtue of parole oath. It is just the most practical solution – no one is getting off-the hook.
The cost to our society of letting the Governors ignore their duty to pardon (or be pardoned) ( on the virtue of Penitent Parole Oath ) when they rightly can is more that we can rationally bear.

All other solutions that I have analyzed I found to be delusional.

Men are no more than men.

Constitutional.Reset said...

There is no problem - except for making everyone equally answerable to the law as our law already requires.

Please note that those who entice our office holders to perpetrate VA18.2-111 are accessory-before-the fact principles in that crime. And perpetrating the attempt at perpetrating that crime – and a crime which may also embrace Va18.2-481(5) felony "Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority" VA statutory Treason. Therefore any who even countenance that set of crimes without raising a proper 'Hue & Cry' against it are complicit and also perpetrate VA18.2-482 "Misprision of Treason".

Regarding all officeholders in Virginia: This Va18.2-111 detailing of a portion of common law duties pertaining to gifts under the agent:principle relationship is mirrored in 41 CFR 102-42.25. Gifts to the POTUS belong to the office not the man.

The issue of ephemeral gifts of hospitality to office holders can be resolved by the office holder thanking the giver in the officer holders official capacity on office stationary.