Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Didn't Have to Happen

There have been new mudballs slung from the left that Virginia Republicans are to blame for 250,000 Virginians losing their healthcare (actually because of Obamacare regulations) this fall. The accusers now find themselves in a bit of hot water.

Why, you ask?

Well the fact is that Virginia Republicans in the House of Delegates passed a measure that could have averted this entire fiasco all the way back in the 2014 regular session. When it got to the Senate, however, a Democrat-chaired Committee (former Majority Leader Saslaw, if you were wondering) struck the bill down on a block vote...

So when that fateful letter arrives at the door, it won't be just thanks to federal rubberstamping. You should know that Senate Dems, when given the chance, laid the solution on the table indefinitely.

VA GOP Caucus

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