Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Will Tomorrow Be Awkward?

Spring is here, and the General Assembly is now preparing their return to Richmond once more to discuss the Governor's recommendations and vetoes, among them an ethics bill which doesn't meet his newly raised standards on ethics.

The upcoming showdown on ethics may make it a little awkward in the hallway though, as McAuliffe is now going another round with his on-again-off-again scandal, the EB-5/Greentech issue.

We have been aware that investigations were open on a number of fronts involving the Governor, including his involvement in Gulf Coast Funds, investments in Greentech, as well as his *ahem* dubious use of the sell-a-visa program called EB-5. 

"Why don't we talk anymore, Terry?"
What we didn't know was that McAuliffe must have been going for a clean break this time, as he was ignoring the very institution he is accused of harassing on behalf of wealthy foreign investors. You can't make this stuff up...

After finding DHS good enough to berate repeatedly to get his way over the years, Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of a state...ignored a federal Inspector General questioning his own (alleged) wrongdoing! 

VA GOP Caucus


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