Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shots in the Arm Becoming Obamacare Addiction

Virginia Dems want you to believe that Virginia is foolishly turning down free money from Obamacare. What they don't want to believe themselves is that this money will start a process which has proven that it can bankrupt states.

Of the below states, VermontOregonNevadaNew MexicoHawaii, all failed, and had to default to Translation: that money is basically sunken loss. 

Roughly 900 million dollars, poof. Gone. For nothing. I wonder who is on the hook for that.

Maryland and Massachussetts completely scrapped their programs and started fresh this year. That second chance must be going well, right? 

Massachussetts promptly started lying to the federal government. Maryland's restart was hamstringed by the fact that they misallocated almost 80 million more dollars (through incompetence or design is not clear; though my money is on incompetence). And the fun doesn't stop there. 

this photo is courtesy of the Washington Post

California's exchange, Covered California, is going to run an 80 million dollar deficit in its first year. Their Governor further plans to court another failed exchange in Oregon to merge with them

The logic here astounds me, let's take something that we couldn't build right with OVER A BILLION DOLLARS, and take responsibility for a failed program with a sunken cost of 300 MILLION MORE

5 billion dollars later, 6 YEARS of focus from the largest bureaucracy IN THE WORLD later, and we are in a worse place than we started. But by all means, keep digging... 

Is the average family saving $2,500 dollars on premiums yet? 

VA GOP Caucus

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