Monday, August 24, 2015


Delegate Michael Futrell: 

"Instead of just expressing my support for or against the candidates, I need to also address an elephant in the room that has exposed itself in the midst of this strife. How is it that we are able to simplify the credentials of such an outstanding jurist down to “The Republicans only chose him because he was black?” or dehumanize and address him as I saw one blog site post “this Right-Wing Nut Job.” How is it that we can only see race and ignore all that he has accomplished? How is it that Judge Alston was recommended by all major Bar Associations and even the top choice of the Old Dominion Bar, sitting on the second highest court in the Commonwealth, but was never “in our top 5”?"

Terone Green, Former President of the Richmond Crusade for Voters:

"To the Republicans’ credit, this controversy has shone a spotlight on what it looks like to judge someone, as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. put it, “on the content of their character” rather than the color of their skin. McAuliffe has constantly pushed Roush because of her gender, saying how it would look bad if the Republicans rejected her. The Republicans, on the other hand, had not brought up race or gender in their support of Alston — only his stellar character and qualifications. That is a refreshing turnabout that is well worth noting."

VA GOP Caucus

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Steve Albertson said...

Kudos to those guys for having the courage to speak the truth!