Thursday, September 10, 2015

And That (Ms. Clinton) is Why You Fail

For all intents and purposes, in 2014 Hillary Clinton was looking at smooth sailing into the Democrat nomination for President. She would be the first woman President, she had a long (though often spotted) record in politics, and enjoyed the backing of several VERY rich people. Not to mention a close, almost creepy relationship with the most prolific fundraiser the DNC has ever seen in Terry McAuliffe.

So why does it look more every day like this Titanic candidate is sinking? 

"NO! I WANT THE PRESIDENCY THIS MUCH! I WANT IT!" (Photo courtesy of: Media Research Center)
The answer is two-fold. Either the Clinton campaign thought they had it in the bag, they are incompetent, or, as I hypothesize, both. Some of the soundbites beg the question "Is she just winging it?"

Her steadfast refusal to talk about her email server scandal kept the embers warm enough to warrant a federal investigation. Now that the FBI is involved, her email server could end up sinking far more than just her.

Not to mention her inability to shake off what should have been a cupcake opponent in Socialist fossil Senator Bernie Sanders, who is gaining in Iowa and showing a lead in New Hampshire. I mean what kind of monumental screw ups have to take place for the tax-you-into-oblivion crazy left wingers to choose a 74 year old never-was over the "anointed one"?

How many times is she going to not be able to get it done before the Left gets the joke? Because right now she is going down in history as Hillary "Also Ran" Clinton.

VA GOP Caucus

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