Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Breaks Promise of Relying on Small Donors

It appears Barack Obama has gone back on his promises to rely on small donors for fundraising. Instead, he has been relying on larger donations. I guess living up to promises only goes so far with Obama.

While Obama has an impressive fundraising edge, the real issues matter at the end of the day. The American people are craving for a candidate that talks about the issues in a common sense way, and Obama has neglected to even make common sense out of the issues.

On the other hand, John McCain might be trailing in the fundraising, but he talks about the issues that matter to America. McCain's focus is putting "Country First," and this has been resonating in every one of his stump speeches and town hall meetings. McCain thinks about how to solve the issues that affect America by not harming our prosperous growth. On November 4, we can make a decision that will help us prosper or hold us back to the past.


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