Thursday, July 30, 2009

9,000 Dollar Laptops...But No Rest Stops?

Governor Tim Kaine has shut down 19 rest areas across Virginia, places used by tourists and Virginians alike. These rest areas help reduce driver fatigue and improve driver safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an estimated 10,000 police-reported crashes nationally are the result of driver fatigue each year, resulting in an estimated 1,500 deaths, 71,000 injuries and a total monetary loss of $12.5 million. The reason these rest areas were shut down was that VDOT didn't have the $9 million for their upkeep. AAA has even come out saying they are opposed to Virginia closing these rest areas, they have found that nearly one third of all drivers have fallen asleep or have almost done so while driving. 

BUT the state recently bought 61,000 laptops at the hefty price of 9,000 dollars each, a hefty total of $3.1 BILLION! On top of this Governor Kaine recently announced that the state is buying 1,000 acres of land for $142 MILLION that will be used for a natural preserve. Obviously Kaine does not understand how to properly allocate funds. 

Some advice Governor Kaine: First pay for the upkeep of the things you have already built and bought before you go buying any more 9,000 dollar laptops.

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Anonymous said...

That is one pricey lap top!