Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bobby Mathieson...One of the Most Ineffective Legislators in Virginia

Bobby Mathieson, delegate from Hampton Roads, is up for election this coming November against Ron Villanueva who has shown to be a strong candidate. The question simply is who in Hampton Roads gains anything from Mathieson when his bills have a 16% passage rate in the General Assembly. Though I am glad he finally had someone spell his name correctly on his campaign website. Hopefully Villanueva will beat out Mathieson and the 21st district will have a chance to have their voices heard! People in Hampton Roads deserve a better delegate!

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Anonymous said...

I like to think I am an Independent voter. I have worked for some high-ranking Republicans and Democrats and worked for the government on both the federal and state levels. I had the pleasure of working for Bobby Mathieson...he's a hard worker and very interested in helping his constituents. He gives 150% to the task at hand. Give him some was his first term in the House. If elected again, he will try harder to champion the causes that the people want. He can see both sides of the story and broker a settlement that is a win-win for all.