Friday, August 7, 2009

On Education: The Two Faces of Creigh Deeds

It appears that Creigh Deeds has once again followed the lead of Bob McDonnell on an issue. Just 48 hours after agreeing with the head of the VEA, as she made clear the group's determination to water down and impede the President's effort to expand charter schools in America, the "Me Too" candidate Creigh Deeds stated, ""There's still a lot of room for reform. I strongly support the President's initiatives to expand charter schools-there's no reason Virginia should lag behind on this."

Two days prior to this statement Deeds said, in response to the head of the VEA's rejection of the expansion of charter schools, "What Kitty [Boitnott] is talking about - you have to always look for innovations in education. We gotta keep an open mind about a lot of things. But there's some places we just have to draw lines in the sand" I guess that line in the sand was washed away by the tide two days later.

Bob McDonnell has repeatedly and vocally supported this bipartisan education reform effort. Creigh Deeds, on the other hand, had continually voted against bills that would help open more chartered schools. For example, in 2004 Deeds was one of only seven senators to vote against the Charter School Excellence and Accountability Act.

Virginia cannot trust this "two-faced" candidate for Governor. Deeds has been reluctant and tepid on this issue, and many others. Bob McDonnell, on the other hand, has shown strong support on all of his issues, and he approaches them with enthusium and without hesitation. Bob McDonnell is the leader Virginia needs!

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