Thursday, October 15, 2009

Democrats Already Waving the White Flag

Democratic Blogs, Blue Virginia along with Anonymous Is A Woman, have given up on Deeds and has come to the conclusion that Bob McDonnell will win the state by about 7 or 8 points. Anonymous Is A Women also points out that there could be some upsets for Democratic incumbents all across the state.

83th District. Del. Joe Bouchard (D) vs. Christopher Stolle (R)
"I like Joe Bouchard a great deal, as he's one of the strongest environmentalists in the House of Delegates. Two years ago, Bouchard beat Stolle by 131 votes (out of 9,535 cast). This time around, my guess is that it's going down to the wire again, with a slight lean towards Republican pickup. C'mon Joe, you can do it! :)" - Blue Virginia

And it seems that Democrats have given up on defeating Republican incumbents.

42nd District. Del. Dave Albo (R) vs. Greg Werkheiser (D)
"Werkheiser lost to Albo in 2005 by 4 points (52%-48%). Since then, Albo has come up with the infamous "abusive driver fees" idea, which didn't do anything to endear him to 42nd district voters. On the other hand, Werkheiser took off a cycle (I'm convinced he would have beaten Albo in 2007), and over the past year or two anger over the "abuser fees" has largely subsided. Also, Albo had a cash-on-hand advantage as of 8/31/09. Given all that, I'm calling this one a slight lean for Albo to hang on..." - Blue Virginia

Although Blue Virginia admits their loses they seem to be too modest on some of their predictions. The race in the 67th of Del. Chuck Caputo (D) vs. James LeMunyon (R) and the race in the 34th with Del. Margi Vanderhye (D) vs. Barbara Comstock (R) are closer then they think. It appears since the Democrats have already given up hope on Deeds that they have reinvested false hope in their Delegates. Numbers are down across the board for any Democrat in a tossup district, and come November 3rd the tossup will be in the right direction.

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NOVA looks like it is turning red this year