Friday, November 13, 2009

Is It Too Late to Impeach Gov. Kaine?

Where is Tim Kaine?

Governor Tim Kaine declared a State of Emergency on Wednesday night in response to the anticipated effects of the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida and the coastal Nor'easter hitting Hampton Roads as well as other portions of the Commonwealth.

"With the National Weather Service indicating that eastern Virginia could experience flooding and storm surge comparable to the affects of a Category 1 hurricane, it's critical that Virginians make the necessary preparations," said Governor Kaine

But did Kaine back up his own words? The answer is no. While Hampton Roads was getting battered by the 8 foot storm surge and winds of over 60 mph, Kaine was preparing for a DNC fundraiser , and not overseeing the preparations for the clean up and relief efforts. Instead of visiting the flooded regions of the Commonwealth to better acess the damage, he flew to Little Rock, Arkansas to raise money for the DNC. Why would a Governor leave the state during a state of emergency? What will it take to get Kaine’s attention?

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not cute said...

Is it too early to impeach Gov. McDonnell? He rescinded anti-discrimination protections for gays and lesbians, and he wants to destroy our coastline for "new energy."
You have to give it to him for his sneakiness the masses, "new energy" sounds like "green energy," and he made everyone happy by prioritizing the re-opening of rest stops. I thought he was a Republican... so much for fiscal conservatism.