Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dave Marsden "The Carpetbagger"

According to the Washington Post, Del. Marsden is packing up his bags and moving to the 37th Senate District. Marsden's desperate move seems to come all too late. With the GOP pickup across the state, it looks as though Marsden will do anything to try and salvage the Democratic Party, even if that means moving. His move will startle residents, especially moving this late in the election. Is this the right move for the Democrats? Well, with Tim Kaine at the throne, the Democrats can control the special election date, thus giving Marsden enough time to become an eligible resident of the 37th.


Anonymous said...

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Isophorone said...

So if Marsden "moves," can you cointest the new residence as a sham one? I am thinking that someone needs to check out where he puts up his Christmas tree!