Tuesday, December 1, 2009

House Minority Leader in Charge?

Confusion of Power Arises on the Left

Below is an email from the office of the House Minority Leader , Del. Ward Armstrong, regarding an intense Pre- Session appointment process. But, it appears that there is some confusion, Armstrong must have forgotten that he is the Minority Leader and not Majority Leader. It seems a bit odd that the Minority Leader thinks that he is in power. Unless he was in a cave all of November, he should recall the Democrats losing 6 seats and losing almost every key race that they targeted. Is this a joke, or are the Democrats still blinded about their diminishing party strength?

A few reminders regarding the House Democratic Leadership Pre-Session Appointments:

- The deadline for priority requests is 5pm Monday December 7th. Requests received after this will be considered but requests received by this deadline will receive priority.
-Requests will be selected according to a random process. ( ie submitting your request first does not guarantee that you will receive the first selected spot.) This is to ensure all interested parties have equal priority no matter when they chanced to check their email.
- The House Democratic Caucus is offering this as a service for added convenience. There are a limited number of meeting times and we expect heavy demand. Submitting your request by the priority deadline is not a guarantee that we will be able to schedule you. As always, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to schedule meetings with Del. Armstrong, Del. Plum and members of the Democratic Caucus to discuss legislation and concerns during session.
-Efforts will be made to schedule according to your top three requested time slots. If none of your requested time slots are available an alternative will be selected for you and you will be notified for confirmation.
-Once a time has been scheduled for you, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not confirm your appointment by the specified deadline it will be given to someone else.
- You will be notified of your scheduled appointment by close of business December 14 th .
Thank you,

Claire Wilker
Chief of Staff
House Minority Leader Ward L. Armstrong

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Anonymous said...

It's like House Minority Leader Lotto except even if you end up with a winning ticket, it's still worthless...