Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Infamous Gentleman from Statewide is at it Again

It hasn’t even been one month since the conclusion of the General Assembly, but our favorite minority leader is at it again.  With visions of sugarplums dancing in his head, Ward Armstrong has his heart set on running for statewide office.

At the Piedmont Democratic Women’s Club breakfast this past Saturday, Minority Leader Ward Armstrong gave a legislative update to those in attendance.  When asked about his ambitions for the future, he responded, “Maybe governor. I’m also interested in the work of the attorney general.”
Does he really need to be the one in the Governor’s Mansion in order to create jobs through improvements in transportation and education?!!?  Really?!?  Didn’t the General Assembly, with bipartisan support, just pass the Governor’s  transportation and education bills?!

This guy really doesn’t get it.
Although Ward claims that he is “focusing on redistricting,” his eyes are obviously set on bigger things, like statewide office.  Instead of building and strengthening his own party this past year, he’s been too busy railing against AEP across Southwestern Virginia, holding Town Halls (mostly out of his own district) and criticizing the General Assembly and the Governor.  Instead of focusing on building and strengthening his own party, he has abandoned it for his own dream of higher office. 
Armstrong admits that he will have to make his decision by the end of the year for a 2014 Governor’s run.  It is hard to imagine that the members of his caucus will stop him from running, that way they can find new leadership and stop the sinking ship that is the House Democratic Caucus.
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For now, let’s leave you with a clip from the 2010 session that made us all laugh, “The gentlemen from statewide, Mr. Armstrong…"

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