Thursday, March 3, 2011

VA FREE Made a Typo

Earlier this week I received an interesting invite from Clayton Roberts, the Executive Director for VA FREE, announcing their Leadership Luncheon up in Northern Virginia on Monday, May 23rd.

Funny thing about that is it just so happens to land on the same day as the Annual House Majority Republican Retreat, where all 61 members of the Virginia House Republican Caucus will be. Now I don't want to say that Clayton Roberts intentionally picked this date, but he was made well aware beforehand that no one from the House Republican Majority Caucus would attend on that date.

Attention Clayton Roberts!!! ... It seems as though an organization that prides itself on supposedly being:

Objective, non-partisan and unflinching.
Highly effective and widely respected.

might want to re-read their tag-line again and show a slight bit of respect to the House Majority Republican Caucus in the future.

OH ... and fix that typo in your invite ... it should read...

VAFREE Leadership Luncheon

Keynote Address by
U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner

Remarks by
Noted Political Commentator, Dr. Robert Holsworth

Featuring Invited Special Guests:
U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor
Governor Bob McDonnell
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Distinguished Members of the Governor’s Cabinet,
Virginia’s Congressional Delegation,
And the House Minority Democrat Caucus

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