Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Del. Head's Op Ed: Yes, We DID Build That

Recently Delegate Chris Head published an Opinion piece in the Roanoke Times. In it, Head boldly points out the flaws in Obama's economic priorities after the recent fall out from a speech where the President exclaimed, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that".

Head goes on to analyze some of Mr. Obama's other comments as well. The attitude that the President is promoting takes away from the hours of sweat and labor that America's business owners have put in to make their businesses great. He bravely fires back that Government has no real money. Government takes their money from the taxpayers. Those taxpayers take their money from the business that they start and contribute to.

Obama shouldn't be the one criticizing business; he has worked diligently to hinder their growth through new regulations, Obamacare, and reckless government spending. This President has been no friend of the businessman in his term and he is railing against those same people here. Delegate Head's Op Ed is a refreshing breath of common sense in a time when it seems this Administration has abandoned it.

To see the full Op Ed, go here

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