Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Senator Louise Lucas' Ludicrous Comments on Racism Smack of Desperation

State Senator Louise Lucas was recently on a radio show in the Commonwealth to speak on behalf of the campaign for President Obama. In it she strayed way off of her talking points...

Sen. Lucas set out on her idea of a racial crusade against Mitt Romney and his Virginian cronies, who "only want to see a white man in the White House". This kind of renegade attack on the Republicans comes as poll numbers in Virginia turn neck and neck. Virginia being a key swing state, is this the kind of wacky, completely untrue kind of tactics that the Dems are going to use to turn the vote?

(Never mind that Virginia was the first state since Reconstruction to elect an African American Governor)

Ms. Lucas' comments indicate that Democratic leaders such as Senator Dick Saslaw and Delegate David Toscano should step down because they must be running the machine in Virginia's General Assembly, I guess?

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